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We are very flexible about the way orders are received. We will adapt to your system, so you won't have to make any changes at all when you sign up for our services. We can receive orders from you by email, fax, or phone. The format is entirely up to you. You can also set up your online shopping cart to automatically send a copy of each order to us. You can also of course submit orders to us directly via the interface in your login account you receive when you sign up for our services.


Our warehousing facilities are climate controlled and have 24 hour security. Storage rates are calculated based on the total volume of the boxes. We store for you, so you won't pay extra if we're not storing your products efficiently. Other companies calculate storage fees based on pallet spaces. This means that one small box on a pallet will cost you as much as a fully packed pallet. With us you only pay for the actual space you use.


We provide flexible high quality Pick & Pack services. Fragile items are packed with great care. We accept full responsibility for any items damaged due to incorrect packaging. You can specify individual packaging requirements for individual orders such as gift wrapping.


All orders are shipped within one business day. You can select a number of different shipping options with any available carrier. Most of our clients choose Postnord for small packages and DB Schenker for larger packages. For very large orders we can arrange direct trucking to the destination.


We are very flexible about how your goods are received. We can arrange pick-up at nearby airports or truck terminals. We can assist you with customs paperwork, and we can help get your goods out if they get stuck anywhere due to any legal trouble.


Returned items are inspected and returned to your inventory if not damaged. We will send you a report of each return by email or fax stating what was returned and in what condition it was returned.


You can chose to submit orders by logging in to your account with us, via email, or by directly linking your ordering system to us. Either way everything is updated in real-time and you have full access to all your account details at all times including inventory levels, inventory history, order status, order history, account balance, account history. Please see this example of what our online order system looks like.


Our staff is available by email or phone during office hours both at our headquarters in Atlanta and at our facility in Sweden to help you with any problem that might arise.


We are happy to help you with any administrative hassles that come with international trade including customs formalities and local tax issues.


You may have components of a product coming to us directly from multiple sources. Naturally we offer assembly services.